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Pith 2021 3'

for solo vibraphone

Small Ensemble



New Forevers
2023 15'

for 4 vocalising percussionists

commissioned by Architek Percussion

Premiered July 2023


Collective Ungraspable
2022 15'

for 9 percussionists, (9 snares, 9 hi-hats, and 3 marimbas)

commissioned by Music Academy of the West and So Percussion

Premiered July 2022










Transference and Zoosemiotics

2020 12'

for percussion quartet

commissioned by Third Coast Percussion as part of their Emerging Composer Partnership



Music for Hyper Organ (working title)
2023/2024 40'
written in collaboration with George Rahi
for 6 voices and organ


Fossil Record

2020 6'

for 3 voices, field recordings, and electronics

Composed for the Vines Arts Festival


Hocket for Hannah 2019 3'

for two voices


drift II for the River Clyde Pageant 2019 7'

for three voices and George Rahi's robotic bells


Ledgers 2019 6'

for three voices and acoustic amplification cones

Commissioned by Mike Bourscheid for his performance Ledgers in response to Erwin Wurm's sculptural installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery


Other Small

When The Memory Dies With The Body, It Is Still Held In Time

2023 6'

for soprano, lirone, baroque triple harp, and organ

commissioned by re:Naissance Opera and Early Music Vancouver

Premiered summer 2023


Ripple Pitch, Rise, Ritual

2023 7'

for erhu, kamanche, two violins, viola, cello and double bass

commissioned by Vancouver Inter Cultural Orchestra

To be premiered summer 2023


(wo)moon walk 2023 16'

for two tenor saxophones and remixed video

commissioned by Duo Entre-Deux


Strung on a Vine 2022 5'

for violin, cello, soundscape recordings and video

commissioned by Orbit Duo


Lines Between

2020 7'

for piano, cello, bass clarinet, flute, violin and marimba

Commissioned by Continuum Music as part of their HATCH mentorship program


The Best Classical Music Ever 2018 20'

for 7 free craigslist pianos and mixed age and ability performers

commissioned by artist Khan Lee


Murmuration 2017 23'

for 7 free craigslist pianos and mixed age and ability performers

commissioned by artist Khan Lee


Fluctus 2016 8'

for clarinet, cello and piano


Schnekt Mail I 2016

every so often
2017 3'

Snail mail score, for 3 to 6 people and one spoken word narrator, paperback books, electric fan

Robyn photo credit Sewari Campillo.jpg

Large Ensemble


What Are You Going Through

2023 4'

for TTBB choir

commissioned by Chor Leoni as part of their C4 composer competition

To be premiered June 2023


A World In Each

2020 8'

for string orchestra

commissioned by Little Chamber Music for the 75th commemoration of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki




Start 2021 6'

composition interpreting Janet Oxley's one page score

Commissioned as part of Vancouver New Music's One Page Score project


Music for audio plays

commissioned by Carousel Theatre, and developed with Nancy Tam, Howard Dai, Derek Chan and Natalie Gan (Five Blessings)


A Verses Complex 2021 24'

for disklavier and three channel audio

Composed for the Vines Arts Festival


Third Space 2019 45'

music for dance

commissioned by Isabelle Kerouac

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