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Gamelan Bike Bike draws its musical inspiration from Bali, Indonesia and its raw materials from the scrap metal bins of Vancouver. The 10 member ensemble, co led by Robyn Jacob and George Rahi, is dedicated to performing new works for gamelan, including recent compositions from Balinese guest composer I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot). The ensemble has presented performances with the Western Front, Vancouver New Music, and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, and in 2017 released Hi-Ten, a collection of original works with the Indonesia-based label Insitu Recordings.

The Giving Shapes is a collaborative project between harpist/vocalist Elisa Thorn and pianist/vocalist Robyn Jacob that formed in fall 2017 at the Banff Centre for the Arts. The project triangulates aspects of new music, creative music, and song-writing, combining their classical training and their involvement with the Canadian creative and indie music scenes. Their debut album, Earth Leaps Up, was released on elsewhere music on Feb 24, 2020. It is currently available on all digital platforms including bandcamp.

Sounding two parallel histories, Double Happiness: Detour This Way winds through complexities of the Chinese diaspora by tracing migration paths of two families, connecting both shores of the Pacific using live music in a multimedia performance. This project is a collaboration between Robyn's band Only A Visitor and sound artist and composer Nancy Tam. Though their first run was cut short because of the pandemic, they are currently planning on a re-mount of the show, which was originally presented in partnership with Neworld Theatre, Music on Main, and Plastic Orchid Factory.

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